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Vintage look- 1950's Raspberry Rhinestone Sweater Set

I know I have mentioned before that it is always good to look for clothing out of season. What does this mean? It means that just because it is summer, don't neglect to look for sweaters and coats, and vice versa. Many people purge their closets at each change of season, and a lot of it finds its way to thrift shops. And you will often find good prices on clothing that sellers don't want to keep until the weather conditions are right again.
I got this gorgeous raspberry pink sweater set last spring, after the weather had begun to warm. I took these pictures in March (see the St Patty decor lurking about?) because I couldn't wait to play dress-up in it! The seller was an absolute sweetheart! Do you remember the lovely lavender crosstitched dress that I wore this summer? See HERE. It was also from her shop. This sweet lady sells on eBay under the name lvig3420. Check out her items, and ask questions if you have any. She is a joy to work with. And have a look at the great scar…

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