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Vintage Look- 50's look blue sweater and Lucite Earrings

This outfit is so comfortable, toasty, and it give me the a good way! The skirt and sweater are both from Goodwill. The skirt is vintage 70's, and the sweater is modern, but it is made exactly like a true vintage 50's sweater that I have put back to sell. The cute, yarn, color, everything is the same. I was just astounded at my good fortune in finding this. Especially since I was selling the vintage one because the wool irritated my sensitive skin. I wasn't sure of the shoes to pair with this. I could have worn my pale blue heels, but I was wanting more of a 50's winter look that would have been paired with fur trimmed snowboots, or tights with leather brogue loafers. But I have these heeled oxford style Jambu shoes I got to work at the restaurant, and I decided that would have to do until I could think of something better. I also got to pair it with some earrings that have been in a box forever. I literally have had them so long that I'm not

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