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Blackberry Sorbet - 3 ingredient no-churn or ice cream machine recipe

When you look at this photo and then the ones below, you will see striking differences. The top picture is sorbet made with the last of my wild blackberries. Wild berries are smaller and have a different flavor; they also make a redder juice. (Below I used store-bought berries and a no-churn recipe.) The top photo was sorbet that I churned in my Oster 1.5 qt. Ice Cream Machine I bought at Wal-mart years ago.

This little thing is one of my joys! It makes just enough that it all gets eaten up, so I can make several different flavors. And it takes NO ICE AND NO SALT! You read that right! The whole canister gets frozen (I keep mine in the freezer all the time, so it's ready at a moment's notice ;) and you simply pour in your mixture and turn it on. 30 minutes later you have your frozen dessert, ready to harden off in the freezer and then enjoy! And no, nobody is paying me to say all this (please, somebody pay me to say nice things- he he!!). I've had an antique hand-churn that …

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